Six Days of Baja 1999


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If you would like a photo print copy of a photo:

Note the number of the photo (it is located under each thumbnail view of the picture, such as "068-338-974-18.jpg") and email it to me at along with your mailing address. I can't promise how quickly I'll be able to turn them around, but I will get the copies to you as soon as I can.

About this years photos:

All shots were taken on a Canon Elph camera on 400ASA APS film. The 400 film is a little grainier and a little more contrasty than the 200 that I used in past years.

I also used a commercial scanning service this year instead of hand scanning each print. The scanner used was a commercial Sony model that bulk scans the APS cartridges. The resulting scans have more contrast than the old hand scans, and I didn't manually apply the "sharpen" function to the jpg files as I have in prior years.

If you are going to print the .jpg files, you may want to open them up in Paint Shop Pro, PhotoShop or some other image editor and adjust the contrast, sharpness or other variables before printing.