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    Various Hackney Family Documents (JPG Images)

    Elijah Hackney Descendants History (written by Elijah's grandson Clarence Herbert Hackney (1906-1997)


    Evan Hackney account book and diary 1887-1929

Evan Hackney was a son of Elijah Hackney. He did farm labor work and also provided horse team and sweep (a horse driven mechanical power source for threshing and other tasks) services. During the 1887-1888 period he helped his sister Phoebe Serena Hackney Berry and her husband Charles Berry establish a farm near Friend, Nebraska.  Evan's diary of this period in Nebraska provides interesting insights into the day-to-day life of the farming pioneers of that era. His account book is a treasure trove of information on farming tasks, services, commodity prices and living costs for the period.


    Clarence Hackney Farm Sale Ads (PDF Document)

    Clarence Hackney Electrical Engineering Correspondence Course final exam (12 MB PDF Document)



    Various Documents JPG Images

    Lester August Tinnermeier Interview



    Amy Belle Newberry Rowlett life story (JPG image)


 Adel High School Archive (1972-1976)

This archive contains photos and documents from 1972-1976 from Adel Community High School. The archive also includes a section of photos from non-school activities from the same era.


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