We were married at Saint Johnís.I moved to the farm on March 12th, 1929.I ďbachedĒ it until April 29th, 1929.Bernadene wanted to wait til she was 21 but she must have felt sorry for me.I fixed supper at 8-9:00.We changed to Methodist 2 years later.She (Bernadene) worked in town and went to the Methodist Church.After 2 years I got my letter from Saint Johnís and transferred membership.Roads bad, quite a ways up there to Saint Johnís.


Day we got married we started up the hill by Dammonís and couldnít make it.Backed down and tried again.Made it.A lot of clay on the road by the cemetery so we went through the neighborís field and came out just north of the church, he had a lane out both ways.So got married and went back through the neighborís field and Mary came out with a big cake and chivalried us.Got home (the folks) and it was muddy as heck that night.Harry went to get Emily and never got back.So we had dinner there at the folks and Dad said, ďYou better stay the night here.You donít know if you can there and back or not.ĒSo, we stayed there that night.Francis there and kept a tormenting us.Honeymoon at Mom and Dadís.Francis and Harry Stood up with us.Only ones we could find.I think Mom didnít think too much [of us] getting married quick like that.We had a wedding but we were glad to get there as it was.Then the next morning, why, went to town and got our picture taken.We got on our wedding clothes and got our picture taken.Went to our house and started housekeeping.Well the good old days, I guess.


I never could see how two people could get married and then fight.I just couldnít see how they do it.We didnít always agree but if there was something she wanted, she could have it as long as I had a little money in the bank and didnít overdraw.One time, I donít have any idea what was going on or what was wrong or what made her, but she was standing right close to me and evidently she was kinda mad about something.I remember her saying ďI have a notion to hit you.ĒAnd I told her to go ahead if you feel like it and she just wilted.Iíve often wondered since then what she was peeved about.


I played the sax.After I got married didnít have time.Also, played [the] steel guitar.In 1946, I was Master Swine Producer.A man from Iowa State in Ames came down and took a picture of Kay and Betty out in the pasture.I was down at Trotterís mowing hay.The field was full of gopher mounds and kept plugging things up.The guy came down and I was disgusted you know with everything (chuckle, chuckle) and he really didnít know what to say.


Wisdom to future generations

1)      Care for people

2)      Love Jesus

3)      You have to work for a living-you canít expect a handout

4)      Be careful of credit cards


Lester August Tinnermeier



Interview by his Granddaughter, Cindy Smothers Irvin