Photography and Video

One of our primary goals is to capture photographic and video images that will help us to preserve our memories and tell the stories of our travels.

We both share a lifelong interest in photography. Steph's father was a photographer in the Marine Corp and she studied photography in college. I learned photography from my uncle, Doug Larson, when I was an adolescent, and worked as a professional photographer intermittently from age 16 through 22.

I have shot digitally exclusively since the late 90s and Steph made the move to digital in 2003.


Doug's Travel Photo Gear:

Primary Photo Gear:

Alternate Photo Gear:

Doug's Backup Photo Gear:


Video Gear:


Steph's Travel Photo Gear:


Steph's Backup Photo Gear:


Additional Photo Equipment We Carry:


When on the motorcycle:


Past trips photo gear:





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