Web Site Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I subscribe to this web site? 

There are two ways to subscribe, email or RSS. Both will notify you when there is an update to our travels. To subscribe to our email distribution list click on the Subscribe main menu option. To subscribe via an RSS feed, go to my blog by clicking here and click on the Subscribe:RSS feed iconAll Entries link. That will set up an RSS feed subscription to my blog. I will always post an entry on my blog when I post content here. By checking your subscription feeds you will always be updated on this site.



Why does the web site / photos / blog seem slow to respond?

This web site and its photo albums, blog, and other supporting software are hosted on a shared server. We recently upgraded to a server with twice the processing power, much more memory, etc. We may move to a dedicated server in the future if performance does not prove adequate on the current system. Please let me know via email of any speed, performance or other problems you experience.



Why are there so many swastikas in the pictures from all over the world?

The symbol you are seeing is the swastik. It is used by modern and ancient cultures all over the world. It commonly represents the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. In some cultures it is the highest symbol of good fortune or good luck. It is the most common symbol used to adorn architecture and religious sites we have seen everywhere we have been. For more information, click here for the Wikipedia article.



Who built and maintains the web site?

This web site was built and is maintained by Douglas Hackney. As you can tell, I am not a web designer nor a web technology engineer or programmer. These factors explain why the site is very straightforward (read: simple) in both design and technology.



How many people visit this site?

Depending on what we're doing and where we are in the world the site gets 2-4,000 unique visitors a month. That may sound like a lot but to put it into perspective, one of our children built a web site about Alexander the Great as a high school freshman (grade 9)  project and it gets 10->20,000 unique visitors a month, depending on the academic season.