Chile Information and Resources

Private Spanish Language Instruction

Loreto Bacciarini

Santiago, Chile

Native Spanish speaker, adequate English skills
Excellent teacher, recommended



Jorge Valdes
TerraUltima Expeditions

Guide / Interpreter / Fixer
Chile phone: 56-9-9-892-7329

Native Spanish speaker, English fluent
Highly recommended


Fly Fishing Guides

Jack Trout

U.S. Based, splits time between Mt. Shasta, CA and Patagonia based on season
Argentina phone: (45) 98-1311
Chile phone: (56) 73-1590

Native English speaker, Spanish fluent


Nicolas Gonzalez

Chilean based, guides in both Chile and Argentina
Chile phone: (56) 9-7-470-8098

Native Spanish speaker, English fluent


Customs Brokers / Freight Forwarders

Francisco Vargas
Agente de Aduana
Francisco Vargas Agencia
Prat n 846
2 Piso Officina A

Argentina phone: 56 32 254 34 80 x 89
Argentina fax: 56 32 254 34 87

Native Spanish, very limited English language resources.
You will need business level Spanish language capability or hire an interpreter.








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