2004 BMW GS1150 Adventure

Our main travel motorcycle is our 2004 BMW R1150GS Adventure. The GS was purchased at Ride West BMW in Seattle, Washington, USA in April 2003. We had the bike extensively modified by the service staff at Ride West, and picked it up in early June, 2003.

We have used this bike on our 2003 Pacific Northwest and Africa tours, and on our 2004 tours of Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Japan.


Modifications, options and accessories include:

  1. Autocom M1 Kit – controller & two headsets
  2. Best Rest backrest
  3. Best Rest Fit Kit Adventure
  4. Best Rest T Rack Cargo Rack
  5. Best Rest tool kit cover, aluminum
  6. Hyper-Lite LED tail light flashers
  7. Pathblazer splice-in headlight modulator
  8. SignalMinder - turn signal control
  9. Metzler Tourance dual sport tires
  10. Oil Filler Kit - Black
  11. RCU Accessory Shelf Kit
  12. RCU Center Stand Skid Plate
  13. GS dual seat assembly
  14. Rich’s custom seats w/gel insert & heaters
  15. Y-pipe catalytic converter eliminator
  16. Throttlemeister Cruise Control spacer kit
  17. Throttlemeister Cruise Control
  18. Headlight cover
  19. Touratech steering stop protector
  20. Autoswitch light controller
  21. Touratech driving light
  22. Touratech fog light
  23. Side cover set, black
  24. Exhaust Manifold cover
  25. Apple 40 GB iPod
  26. Isolation transformer audio cables
  27. Olin shock absorbers, front and rear, custom preparation by Petterson Pro Suspension
  28. ZEGA/Touratech panniers and mounting system, 41L
  29. ZEGA/Touratech pannier liners, 41L
  1. Touratech large map case
  2. Tankbag extra bag, clip-on
  3. Camera Tank Bag with custom mount tank panniers
  4. Handlebar mount for GPS III/V
  5. Wunderlich Rear Fender Extension
  6. Touratech handguards & large spoilers
  7. Handlebar risers
  8. Throttle Position Sensor Cover
  9. Wunderlich Oil Cooler Screen R1150 GS
  10. Wunderlich Upper Triple Clamp Center Cap W/Thermometer
  11. Wunderlich Carbon Master Cylinder Cover - R1150GS
  12. Center Stand Deployment Lifting Handle, black
  13. Side Stand Foot Enlargement for Adventure
  14. 55 Watt Super White H1 Bulb
  15. 100 Watt Super White H1 Bulb
  16. Wide footpegs, set, left & right
  17. BMW Alarm W/2 alarm fobs
  18. BMW Alarm mounting kit
  19. 4 Heatroller controllers (front and rear heated seats, front and rear electric fleece jackets)
  20. Garmin V GPS
  21. Valentine One Radar Detector
  22. Valentine remote control / interface
  23. 3M DOT trailer conspicuity tape
  24. 2 12V relays for heater circuits
  25. Modified fuse block
  26. 2 rider footpegs lowering assemblies

The Top Ten Accessories and Modifications are:

  1. Pathblazer & Hyper-Lite
  2. Intercom (Autocom)
  3. Garmin V GPS
  4. Swapping for Rich’s custom GS heated gel seat
  5. Touratech Panniers
  6. Throttlemeister cruise control
  7. All bash plates, covers & guards
  8. Touratech tank bags & large map case
  9. Wonderlich kickstand plate
  10. Touratech driving light and fog light


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