Colonial Gems of Mexico 2001


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Friday, 6-29

Saturday, 6-30

Sunday, 7-1

Monday, 7-2

Tuesday, 7-3

Wednesday, 7-4

Thursday, 7-5

Friday, 7-6

Saturday, 7-7

Sunday, 7-8


Hotel Info


Hotel Phone Fax
San Miguel Villa Santa Monica 011-52-(4)-152-0427 011-52-(4)-152-0518
Morelia Villa Montana 011-52-(4)-314-0231 011-52-(4)-315-1423
Patzcuaro Posada de Don Vasco 011-52-(4)-342-0227 011-52-(4)-342-0262
Uruapan Mansion de Cupatitzio 011-52-(4)-523-2100 011-52-(4)-524-6772
Guanajuato Castillo Santa Cecilia 011-52-(4)-732-0485 011-52-(4)-732-0153
San Miguel La Puertecita 011-52-(4)-152-5011 011-52-(4)-152-5505


About the web pages:

I used a product that automatically generates a thumbnail pages, the HTLM pages, etc. called JASC Media Center Plus ( ). Highly recommended. 


About this years photos:

All shots were taken on a Sony DSC-P1 digital camera ( ) . DSC-P1

I used 1600 x 1200 resolution for almost all shots. Some large group shots I used maximum resolution. The standard 1600 x 1200 setting  used about 900k per image. 1600 x 1200 is about as low as you can go and still get reasonable snapshot sized prints. If you are going to print these images, you may want to run them through an editor and tweak the gamma and sharpness. 


If you would like a photo print copy of a photo:

Select the picture from the thumbnail view, then select it again from the single picture view. Once the full frame picture is displayed, right click on the picture and select "save as." Once you have saved the file to your local system, email a copy of the file to an on-line photo service, such as, or take the file to a local Kinkos ( ) and you can get a hard copy print. Alternatively, you can print it yourself on any black and white or color printer.

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