Seven Days of Baja 2002


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On the Pacific beach, day six #1

On the Pacific beach, day six #2


About this year's pages:

In the past five years I've evolved from hand building the web pages to using a tool for generating the thumbnail pages and manually annotating them. This year, I used a product that automatically generates the thumbnail pages, the HTML pages, etc. called JASC Media Center Plus ( ). Includes a nifty macro/compiler language command set. Highly recommended. 


About this years photos:

All of my shots were taken on a Sony DSC-P1 digital camera ( ) . DSC-P1


If you would like a photo print copy of a photo:

Select the picture from the thumbnail view, then select it again from the single picture view. Once the full frame picture is displayed, right click on the picture and select "save as." Once you have saved the file to your local system, you can output it to your printer, email a copy of the file to an on-line photo service, such as, or take the file to a local Kinkos ( ) and you can get a hard copy print.