New Zealand 2002


In January, 2002, a group of riders ventured to New Zealand for a dual sport ride down the West coast of the South Island. There they found a stunning landscape combining countless tumbling waterfalls, impenetrable rain forests, long beaches, icy blue glaciers, still mountain lakes, snow capped peaks and gentle alpine meadows. 

All on a single day's ride. 

After that, it got more intriguing, more mysterious, more beautiful and full of laughter and adventure. 

This is a wee bit of that story. 


Photo Gallery


Arrival Day

Welcome Day

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8


Video Gallery

In progress, will be posted shortly. 


Hotel Info


Hotel Phone Fax
Wellington Intercontinental  64.4.472.2722 64.4.472.4724
St. Arnaud Alpine Lodge 64.3.521.1869 64.3.521.1868
Punakaiki Paparoa Park Motel 64.3.731.1883 64.3.731.1885
Franz Josef Glacier Bella Vista Motel 64.3.752.0008 64.3.752.0009
Lake Wanaka Edgewater Resort 64.3.443.8311 64.3.443.8323
Milford Sound Milford Sound Lodge  
Queenstown Mercure Grand St. Moritz  64.3.442.4990 64.3.442.4667



About the web pages:

I used a product that automatically generates a thumbnail pages, the HTLM pages, etc. called JASC Media Center Plus ( ). Highly recommended. 


About the photos:

There are 1059 photos in the New Zealand collection. 421 are analog APS prints scanned into digital files. 638 were native digital photos. 

All photos with a file name that begins DSC were taken by Doug Hackney (or whoever happened to be shooting) on a Sony DSC-P1 digital camera ( ) . DSC-P1

All photos with a file name that begins with KS were taken by Kathy Stajic on a Nikon Coolpix 5000 digital camera (

All photos with a file name that begins with DC were taken by Dale Cooper. 

All other photos were taken on Steph's venerable Minolta Vectis APS camera ( It may have been dropped a few times and the paint is wearing thin, but it keeps putting out crisp, sharp shots. The APS negatives were scanned into jpg files and integrated with the digital shots. Most scanning was done by the photo lab and put on CD's. I scanned one cartridge the lab missed on our Canon CanoScan FS4000US 35mm/APS scanner ( 


On the Sony, I used the camera's maximum 2048 x 1536 resolution for all shots. The images were about 1.3 megabytes in raw jpg format. I compressed them to 15x jpg compression before posting them to the web site. The resulting files are 300-500k with little resolution lost from the 1.3 megabyte raw size. Some shots have been altered to increase light and contrast levels. I ran a sharpness filter on some shots as well. I think the Sony is limited more by it's small, simple lense than by its resolution of 3.3 megapixels. A couple of trips down Baja, one around central Mexico and New Zealand probably have taken their toll, as I've crashed on top of it more than once. 

Kathy Stajic shot at the Nikon's 5 megapixel resolution of 1920 x 2560. The sharpness, crisp detail and natural color saturation of her shots reflect the superior lense and resolution of the Nikon, and are a good reflection of how far digital cameras have come in the two years since the Sony DSC-P1 came out. I did not do any file compression  or sharpness filtering and very little exposure adjustment on Kathy's files.

I haven't received information from Dale Cooper yet on what type of camera he was using. He shot at 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. I did not do any file compression  or sharpness filtering and very little exposure adjustment on most of Dale's files. I heavily adjusted the contrast and luminance on Dale's shots of the awards dinner. 

The total image breakdown is: 

  Steph Doug Dale Kathy Totals
Preparation   2     2
Arrival Day 18 5     23
Welcome Day 6 9     15
Day 1 36 32 4 5 77
Day 2 86 28 6 20 140
Day 3 34 28 2 29 93
Day 4 46 57 23 15 141
Day 5 33 46 34 23 136
Day 6 84 58 28 13 183
Day 7 64 48 21 8 141
Day 8 14 44 52   110
 Totals 421 355 170 113 1059


If you would like a photo print copy of a photo:

Select the picture from the thumbnail view, then select it again from the single picture view. Once the full frame picture is displayed, right click on the picture and select "save as." Once you have saved the file to your local system, email a copy of the file to an on-line photo service, such as, or take the file to a local Kinkos ( ) and you can get a hard copy print. Alternatively, you can print it yourself on any black and white or color printer.

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