Alexander the Great Timeline

This page has been deleted in response to the threat of legal action against the three students who compiled this site by Peter Green and his literary agent, Harold Ober Associates.

According to an email message from his agent "While his book and one other are listed as sources, there are no in-text acknowledgments."

Mr. Green and his agent have demanded the complete removal of any excerpts or quotes from Mr. Green's book.

No other alternatives to removal, such as providing "in-text acknowledgements," were offered by Mr. Green or his agent.

Because the three high school freshmen who compiled this site did not properly provide "in-text acknowledgements" to Mr. Green, this material has been removed.

To serve the needs of the thousands of students, teachers and professors who visit this site, we have implored Mr. Green to produce a replacement Alexander the Great web site containing his material. If one is created, we will provide the link here.

Mr. Green can be reached at:

  Peter Green
  202A Schaeffer Hall
  The University of Iowa
  Iowa City, Iowa 52242

  Phone: 319.353.2274