Design and Construction of a Global Expedition Vehicle

Douglas and Stephanie Hackney

Exploring the World and Meeting Its People


Challenge: Global Exploration by overland expedition vehicle

Expedition Duration: 2-3 years

Status: Vehicle Build Project Completed Sunday, 3 June, 2007


Project: Design and build a vehicle to provide year-round, any-climate transportation, living, sleeping, cooking, showering and toilet capability. Vehicle must be built on a reliable, globally sold and supported (parts and service) chassis. Vehicle must be entirely self-sufficient and capable of travel on any surface including off-road, rock, mud, dirt, sand, snow, primitive two-track, gravel and pavement. Vehicle must be capable of water crossings of a minimum of 3.28 ft / 1 m. Vehicle must include integrated self-recovery / extraction capability and global voice and data communications. Primary vehicle and systems must be energy efficient and independent of any external supply except LP and diesel fuel. Vehicle and systems must be maintainable and repairable in developing economies using local resources. Vehicle must be capable of a minimum of 1,000 miles / 1,609 kilometers between fuel stops. Vehicle must be capable of being secured / hardened for RORO / Flatrack shipping. Primary vehicle must carry an integrated separate scout/exploration/errand vehicle, along with spare parts, fuel and repair capability for same.

Latest Project Status Photos

20 September, 2006

13 October, 2006

25 October, 2006

3 November, 2006

13 November, 2006

17 November, 2006

4 December, 2006

19 May, 2007


Rollout - 3 June 2007

Utilization - 19 June, 2007

Utilization - 30 July, 2007


Project: Hackney Expedition Vehicle

Goal: Self-sufficient, Self-Extracting Global Expedition Vehicle

Mission: 2 - 3 years of unsupported exploration primarily in developing countries



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